Most golf courses in Spain have 18 holes, but many of them offer the chance to play just 9. Taking on half the course comes with some important advantages compared to playing the full 18-holes, although serious golfers should mix up the two options. Read on to discover the benefits of playing 9-hole golf on the Costa del Sol.

A time-saver

Perhaps the biggest advantage of playing just 9 holes of golf on the Costa del Sol is that it saves time. Instead of the game lasting at least four hours, you can get round the course in just over two. This opens up a world of possibilities for golf first thing in the morning. You can get in a game before you go to work or before you start your daily routine. Or at the end of the day when there isn’t time for a full round, but you do have time for 9 holes.
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A gentle introduction to the game

Lets face it – golf isn’t the easiest of sports and for players taking their first shots on the course 18 holes can be pretty daunting. Halve the number of holes, however, and the game seems much more manageable. Playing 9 holes of golf is therefore ideal for beginners especially when they need to gain confidence.
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A great opportunity for family golf

Finding time for a family round of golf can be a real challenge, but if you decide to play just 9 holes then it’s a different story. Playing half the course makes a great family activity for a morning or afternoon. The challenge of just 9 holes is also much more attractive for children, especially when they’re young.
Did you know? The 23rd of July is National Play 9 Day in the United States.

Just as useful

You might think that playing just half the course will affect your score and ultimately your handicap. Far from it – your score for 9 holes also counts towards your handicap so you don’t lose out even if you’re not playing the full round.
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Just as scenic

Worried about missing the views when you’re playing 9 holes of golf on the Costa del Sol? Choose the right course and you’ll still get to see the magnificent scenery in all its glory even if you’re only going round half the 18 holes. Rio Real Golf is one good example – wherever you are on the course, mountain and sea views are yours to enjoy.
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But not too often

Playing 9 holes of golf on the Costa del Sol comes with lots of benefits, but if you’re really serious about your golf don’t forget your rounds of 18. Playing a full game is the only real way to improve your drive skills and get a taste for the real world of golf. A round of 18 holes also provides a great morning or afternoon’s exercise and gives you a great chance to catch-up with your fellow players.
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