All new golfers want to know how to play good golf. The good news is that it isn’t difficult as long as you take care of the fundamentals: the equipment, the preparation and of course, the practice. Read on to discover our top ten tips to play good golf and enjoy it while you’re at it. 

Kit yourself out

If you’re looking to play good golf you need the right gear: shoes, gloves and a comfy clothes. Visit the Rio Real ProShop and kit yourself out with all you need. 

Get the right clubs

One of the keys to playing good golf lies in your equipment. A bag full of the right clubs goes a long way to improving your game. Read what you should have in your bag. 

Know your level

Whatever your level from beginner to pro, know it and play to it. If you’re a beginner, take some classes in technique from the very start. If you already play good golf, consider a short course in improving your drive or your swing.

Practise, practise, practise

Practice makes perfect in any sport and golf is no exception. Get on that driving range as often as you can and put in as many rounds as possible.

Know your course

Half the battle to a good game of golf is knowing the course. Before you hit the greens, spend a bit of time checking out the lie of the course. Best of all, watch the videos! 

Pace yourself

Know your level and ability before you start a round. Don’t use up all your energy in the first few holes – remember there are a full 18!

Read the weather

Before you tee off, check out the weather conditions. Most of all, take a look at the wind – its direction and speed – and bear it in mind especially in the drives.

Think positive

There’s a psychological element to all sports. During the game, relax your mind and body before each shot and don’t obsess yourself with getting it right every time.

Stay hydrated

This is especially important if you’re playing golf on the Costa del Sol in the summer. The heat and sunshine, particularly at midday, mean you need to keep hydrated on the course. Pop a large bottle of water in your golf bag and drink often as you go round. And reward yourself with a cool refreshment at the end in the Club House.

Enjoy it!

If you want to play good golf, this is probably the most important element of all. Remember it’s a game to enjoy, whatever your level and whenever you play.

One of the best ways to play good golf is to get in a round (or two) at Rio Real Golf Course. Book yours now.   


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