Río Real Golf Academy

At our Golf Academy we cover all shots and areas of the game and all classes keep to a strict scheduled programme.  Our teaching system is based on the visual analysis of the flight of the ball and we analyse swing dimensions, with 3D Biomechanics Analysis and a plasma screen, in order to examine up to 50 reference points, with the aim of achieving an Efficient and Customised Swing.

Our Academy is currently run by Sergio de Céspedes, a professional expert in 3D swing and putt analysis. He also forms part of the National Professional Golf Committee and is the national coach of the Spanish Golf Federation's junior teams.

All of the courses on offer at our Rio Real Golf Academy can be personalised and custom programmed, based on the level, the objectives to be achieved and the amount of time players have.

The Academy also features a junior golf school and special courses for players with some form of disability or limitation.

Courses designed for 1-3 people
Sports equipment included with the course
14 hours

1-4 people per class
Sports equipment included with the course
8 hours

1-4 people per class.
Sports equipment included with the course.
Intensive golf
4 hours