When you’re looking at a golf holiday on the Costa del Sol you’re certainly spoilt for choice. But if you’re after the best holiday ever, you should choose a golf course with a boutique hotel. Read on to discover six compelling reasons why.

Make a holiday of it

Choosing a golf course with a boutique hotel allows you to make a real holiday of it. After all, holidays are all about relaxing and how better to do so than with everything in one place? You can make the most of every minute – use it for you-time – without the stress and hassle of different locations.

Booking a golf holiday on a course with a boutique hotel is also easy because the packages come ready-made. The best golf course-hotel combos allow you to book online in just a few clicks. And the very best offer a range of hotel-golf deals, difficult to find if you’re booking your golf and accommodation separately.

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Golf on your doorstep

Another compelling reason for choosing a golf course with a boutique hotel lies in the most important factor of all: the golf, which is literally on your doorstep. Imagine waking up and stepping out directly onto the course for your first game of the day. No hassle to get there, no traffic issues. Just walk out of the door and there’s your golf.

Complete luxury experience

It’s your holiday and you deserve not only to relax but also to enjoy a touch of luxury. A golf course with a boutique hotel gives you that perfect combination: manicured greens for your game and luxury rooms for your accommodation.

Boutique hotels go that extra mile when it comes to luxury in comfort. This is certainly the case at Rio Real, a leading boutique hotel in Marbella. All our rooms offer the best accommodation, but if you’re looking to take your golf holiday up a notch, check out our suites. Whether you go for Birdie, Eagle or Albatross (and you’ll have trouble choosing your favourite), a luxury stay is a given.

Views of the greens out of your window

We mentioned earlier the big advantage of having golf right on your doorstep. Another benefit of staying on the golf course itself are the views. Sweeping vistas of the manicured greens await you every time you look out of the window or step out onto your private terrace.

The best boutique hotels come with a little bit extra in the view department. Rio Real Golf & Hotel enjoys panoramic views of the mountains and the Mediterranean – imagine feasting your eyes on those during the whole holiday.

Go beyond golf

Even the keenest golfers fancy a break from their favourite game on holiday. Booking a stay at a golf course with a boutique hotel opens up your leisure options. The best hotels come with a long list of facilities besides the golf course: pool, other sports installations (for example, tennis and paddle tennis), wellness areas, spa… All of which mean you can enjoy a varied holiday and again, all on your doorstep.


And last but definitely not least, another reason for choosing a golf course with a boutique hotel comes in the tranquility. By definition, boutique hotels are intimate spaces with select guests and a quiet ambiance. Place the hotel on a golf course – some of the quietest places on the Costa del Sol – and you’ve got peace and quiet all holiday long.

If you’re also looking for a bit of action during your golf holiday or want to explore the Costa del Sol, choose your golf course with boutique hotel well. Make sure it’s within easy reach of a resort and with good communications.

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Now you know why you should choose a golf course with a boutique hotel, all you need to do is book your well-deserved break. See you there! 

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