Of course there’s nothing quite like golf. But certain actions and techniques in other sports can improve your golf game and usually more than you’d expect. Read on to discover the best (other) sports to take up alongside your golf and how they can help you up your game.

Anyone for tennis?

Tennis turns out to have quite a lot in common with golf especially when it comes to forehand and backhand strokes. To hit the ball hard in tennis, you need to rotate your body correctly. Only then will you achieve the necessary speed and force. If this sounds familiar, that’s because this rotation and strength is the same you use when you swing the club in golf. Plus tennis teaches you a lot about balance, another essential element of a great swing in golf.
Did you know? Pete Sampras was one of the world’s top tennis players (he holds 14 Grand Slam titles) and he also turns out to be pretty good at golf. As does Rafa Nadal.

Shooting the green

It might surprise you to discover that playing billiards can help improve your golf game. This isn’t a physical sport, but it does involve acumen. That ability to make good judgements based on the situation is always vital on the table. And billiards is all about placing the ball in the exact place you want to land ready for your next shot. Sound familiar?
Did you know? Arnold Palmer, one of the greatest players in the history of golf, was also an excellent billiards player.

Hitting those slopes

If your golf is snowed off in the winter, get up your general fitness with some skiing. This sport builds up strength in your legs and back, particularly in your gluteus maximus muscle. This is known as the “king” of muscles in golf and an essential part of your swing. 
Did you know? Nate Roberts is a world class skier (he competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics) who can also play an excellent round of golf. He’s the perfect example of how other sports can improve your golf game.

Working some iron

Before Tiger Woods burst onto the golfing scene in 1996, no players went to the gym. But his toned and strong physical changed the game as more golfers realised that athletic strength means better play. Nowadays, professional golfers include gym training as part of their fitness programme.
Did you know? Sergio García wanted to be a football player before he turned his attention to golf. He even played eight minutes in a pro game in 2010 when the team he owned included him in the match.

Paddling a canoe

Or a kayak. Anything with the rotating action with your arms will help improve your golf game. Kayaking also works your upper body and core, an essential element in golf.
Did you know? Tony Romo is a very famous American footballer who also happens to have a +3.3 handicap in golf. He aims to join the PGA Tour some day.

Movement in general

Even if you don’t fancy taking up any of these sports or just don’t have the time, any exercise you do will help improve your golf game. Walking briskly, light jogging and even swimming will all help increase your level of fitness. The result? More strength and stamina on the golf course where you need it – Rio Real Golf’s 18 holes extend for over 6,000m!
Did you know? The best way of all to improve your golf is to practise as much as possible. And with the dynamic pricing system at Rio Real Golf you can play more golf for less. Book your next round now.

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