With summer well established, conditions for golf on the Costa del Sol has changed. In the heat, you’ll be wanting to spend less time on the course and starting your games earlier. You should also be taking a look at your equipment and accessories. Are they prepared for the summer months? Check out our list of must-have summer accessories and see if yours fit the bill.

Best gear for summer

Lets start with your outfit. This summer, don’t just grab your usual polo and shorts; invest in some clothes especially designed for the hotter temperatures. Take a look at the new range of polo tops from Callaway.
The Swing Tech polos add much more than just style to your golf on the Costa del Sol. They help you move more freely, a definite plus for your swing and come with UPF50 protection giving you extra relief from the strong sun. And when the going gets tough, Callaway Swing Tech polos also help keep you dry and fresh while you’re out on the greens.
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Stay safe in the sun

Long hours out on the course in summer mean extra exposure to the hot sun so you need protection. When you’re getting ready for your round of golf on the Costa del Sol, don’t forget to put some sun cream in your golf bag.
Or buy it at the Rio Real ProShop where you’ll find sun and lip creams from the Skin Extreme brand.  They come in three protection factors – 15, 25 and 50, so there’s one to suit you whatever your skin type.  And just an important in a demanding sport like golf, the sun cream is water resistant.
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The best view of golf on the Costa del Sol

Rio Real has some of the best views of any golf course on the Costa del Sol and to appreciate them in summer, you need the right eye gear. Take a look at the sunglasses in the Oakley brand. The latest models come with state-of-the-art innovations and new special lenses designed just for golfers. See them in our ProShop this summer.
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A spring in your step

Even if you’ve chosen one of our golf deals that includes a buggy, you’re still on your feet on the course for a long time. To help keep your feet fresh for all 18 holes, treat yourself to some summer footwear.
Our ProShop stocks the latest range of S-Lite by Ecco. These lightweight golf shoes are perfect for golf in higher temperatures and come in a vibrant range of colours for men and women golfers. All you have to do is choose yours!
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Keep a cool head

And lastly in our list of must-have golf accessories this summer, we look at head gear. We’ve got two types, both perfect for keeping a cool head when you’re out playing golf on the Costa del Sol in the summer heat.
Our classic straw boaters add style to your play as well as keeping the sun off your head. They even come with the logo of your favourite golf course. And our golf caps are made with special fibre for extra protection from the hot sunshine. The Ahead brand has several different styles of logo.
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