Along the 184km of Mediterranean coastline, you’ll find 11 marinas on the Costa del Sol. They’re all safe harbours as well as tourist attractions in their own right and make a great place to visit while you’re on holiday in the area. Our guide describes five of the best marinas worth discovering, all within easy reach of Marbella.

The most glamourous – Puerto Banús

When it comes to marinas on the Costa del Sol, Puerto Banús takes absolute centre stage and it’s also one of the most famous in the western Mediterranean. Built in 1970 as one of Europe’s top leisure ports, Puerto Banús regularly plays host to the world’s largest and finest yachts.
You can also explore the many luxury boutiques in the harbour, glimpse some seriously famous faces, sample the finest gastronomy in Marbella and admire the Andalusian style architecture. This year, this famous marina on the Costa del Sol celebrates its golden anniversary. 
Distance from Río Real Golf: 13km
Best for: shopping and people watching.

The more traditional – Puerto de Estepona

Slightly further west along the coast lies one of the more traditional marinas on the Costa del Sol. The Puerto de Estepona sits at the far west side of the resort at the end of an attractive seafront promenade. It makes a great place to stroll in the evening as you look at the boats before enjoying a meal of freshly caught fish or shellfish at one of the portside restaurants.
While you’re there, don’t miss Estepona centre, a labyrinth of colourful pedestrian streets decked with flowers and a stunning selection of giant murals.
Distance from Río Real Golf: 37km
Best for: a quiet stroll and fresh fish.

The award-winning – Puerto Marina

Moving eastwards towards Malaga is one of the Costa del Sol’s finest marinas. Built in a mixture of Arabic, Andalusian and Indian architectural styles, Puerto Marina includes several artificial islands. Not for nothing has this marina won the prestigious Best Marina in the World award, not once but twice. The marina has also held blue flag status continually since 1987 and has mooring space for 1,100 boats.
Distance from Río Real Golf: 54km
Best for: amazing architecture.

The cruise harbour – Puerto de Málaga

The biggest marina on the Costa del Sol lies in the city of Malaga itself. The harbour offers safe mooring to the world’s largest cruise ships, exclusive yachts and shipping vessels. Stroll round the outside via the Pergola sculpture and palm grove to the piers that extend some distance out into the sea. On your way round, take a peek at the Royal Mediterranean Club, Spain’s oldest yacht club founded in 1873.
While you’re there, why not take a private tour of Malaga and discover the very best of the city? Book yours at the Rio Real Hotel reception.
Distance from Río Real Golf: 57km
Best for: variety of boats and view of the city skyline.

The small – Puerto de Cabopino

And from the biggest marinas on the Costa del Sol to one of the smallest. Cabopino, a short drive east of Río Real, has a small but charming marina flanked by a selection of small restaurants specialising in seafood and fish. But the biggest attraction here are the beaches – Cabopino has one of the most natural stretches of sand on the Costa del Sol. Behind them is a protected dune area that you can explore via boardwalks.
Distance from Río Real Golf: 11km
Best for: unspoilt beaches, especially at sunset.

Your base for exploring marinas on the Costa del Sol

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