Easter is one of the most colourful times of the year on the Costa del Sol when every resort celebrates Holy Week with processions. The pageantry goes back centuries and you’ll see some of the Andalusia’s oldest traditions at Easter on the Costa del Sol. Events take place everywhere, but we’ve highlighted five things you shouldn’t miss when you’re on the Costa del Sol at Easter.

The largest procession in Marbella

Marbella, the nearest resort to Rio Real, has a week of processions between Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. One of the most moving is the Santa María procession on Tuesday that includes three thrones that parade around the streets carried by bearers dressed in black. Don’t miss the moment at Plaza Puente de Malaga when saetas (flamenco laments) are sung.
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One of the most beautiful processions

An easy drive from Rio Real is one of Andalusia’s most spectacular white towns, Ronda, even more colourful at Easter. One of the highlights to add to your must-see list is the Jesus Praying in the Orchard procession on Monday. The Christ figure kneeling in front of an olive tree is one of the most beautiful you’ll see during the processions at Easter on the Costa del Sol.

One of the best-loved

Malaga city is famous worldwide for its spectacular Holy Week processions, but one of the highlights during Easter on the Costa del Sol takes places on Maundy Thursday. Troops from the Spanish Legion disembark at Malaga Port at midday and then parade through the city carrying the Christ figure sculptured by Pedro de Mena centuries ago.
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One of the fastest

Slightly further away from Rio Real is Antequera, a town rich in historical buildings and churches, and with steep hills up some of its streets. Tradition calls for the throne bearers to run up these slopes carrying the thrones at the end of the processions on Maundy Thursday. The event is known as “Running the plain” and is named after the traditional blessing of Antequera’s rich flood plain at Easter time.

One of the most authentic

The whole village of Istán, just outside Marbella, celebrates the Passion with a live enactment of events during Holy Week. Dating back to the 17th century, the Passion involves everyone in the village and has over 100 participants. The giant play begins with events in the Old and New Testaments and culminates on Good Friday with the crucifixion.
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One of the biggest golf tournaments in Spain lies on the horizon at the end of June. The Andalucia Valderrama Masters takes place between 26 and 30 June at Valderrama Golf on the Costa del Sol. Traditionally an autumn golfing event, the tournament moves to early summer this year. Also new for this year is its inclusion in the Open Qualifying Series for the very first time.


Unlike many sports such as football and basketball, golf isn’t timed and the amount of time spent on a game of 18 holes varies. The average comes in at around four hours, but some golfers spend considerably longer on the course. In its bid to provide the right balance for golf on the Costa del Sol, Río Real has introduced some innovations on its iconic course. These tweaks allow golfers to take slightly less time on their round if they wish.


If you’ve decided to play golf on the Costa del Sol, you’ve made an excellent choice. If you’ve narrowed it down to Marbella, even better! Not only do you get to enjoy your favourite spot in one of the places with the best selection of golf courses on the Costa del Sol, you’re in easy reach of great tourist attractions. Some of them such as Granada and Ronda rank among the most-visited destinations in Spain while others like Malaga and Gibraltar are popular local attractions. And all are easy day trips from Marbella.