At last! Golfers take complete control of how much they pay for a round of golf. Río Real Golf has introduced the first dynamic golf pricing system in Spain allowing players to choose exactly how much they pay for a game. For the first time ever, golfers get to call all the shots on green fees.
Dynamic pricing has been around for years in the travel industry. Travellers have long taken advantage of getting more for their money for flight tickets with companies such as Easyjet and Ryanair and saved on hotel rooms through sites like and Expedia. Dynamic pricing also exists on retail sites – for example, Amazon – where buyers can take advantage of lower prices.

First dynamic golf pricing in Spain

But dynamic pricing is much more unusual in the golf world. Until now. This handy pricing system has just arrived in Spain – Rio Real Golf presents the first for green fees in Spain.
As from May 2018, all green fees booked at Rio Real Golf will be done through the new dynamic pricing system. This puts the player in complete control and from now on, it’s the golfer calling the shots.

Advantages of the new system

The Rio Real dynamic golf pricing comes with a whole set of advantages for players. First and foremost are better prices, particularly for those golfers who like to plan ahead. Real early birds will be able to take advantage of super sweet deals available several months in advance.
The new system also makes booking easy. The handy calendar shows the exact green fee for each playing slot allowing golfers to see at a glance how much it costs to play when. They then pick a tee time to suit them and their wallet. And most importantly of all, they control exactly how much they pay for a game.
Rio Real Golf already has a simple 3-step booking process in place. This stays put so that golfers can get the best prices quickly and easily.

How it works

Getting the best price for your round with the new dynamic golf pricing system couldn’t be easier. Simply go to the booking page, take a look at the calendar to find the day and price that suits you. Then click through and book.
Top tip? Fast forward a few months for some super sweet deals where you can get up to 41% off the usual green fee. Be a real early bird and catch that best green fee worm!



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