Summer in the northern hemisphere means longer daylight hours and better weather for your favourite sport. This time of the year on the Costa del Sol, however, is low-season and the hottest time to get out on the course. But green fees are at their lowest so it makes sense to benefit from them as much as possible. And to help you do so, read on for ten tips when you play golf in Marbella this summer.

Choose a course with plenty of shade

Daytime temperatures soar in Marbella in the summer so it’s worth choosing a course with as much shade as possible. Go for one of the more veteran courses where you’re more likely to find greenery and mature trees.
Did you know? Río Real Golf is one of the oldest golf courses on the Costa del Sol and boasts some of the finest trees. These plus a cool sea breeze make it one of the best places to play in Marbella in the summer.   

Become an early tee time fan

You might not fancy getting up with the birds for golf, but an early tee time means you get the best temperatures of the day for your game. And even better, lots of golf courses in Marbella have special green fees for the first tee off of the day.

Make the most of low-season green fees on the Costa del Sol

Summer means low season for golf in Marbella so make the most of the best green fees of the year. Shop around and keep an idea open for special deals such as buggy included or extra players for the same price.
Did you know? Río Real Golf has a dynamic pricing system meaning you get the best deals for golf at any time of the year. And you can book in just a few clicks. Take a look and book your round of golf in Marbella now.

Check your equipment

Summer temperatures affect all sports including golf where you’ll find the ball behaving differently. For example, heat makes it fly that much further so choose your clubs accordingly.

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is a good tip for golfers at any time of year, but never more so than in the summer. Hydrate before you play (at least two hours in advance) and make sure you have a supply of water to last your game.

Play 9-hole golf in Marbella

If the idea of playing four hours of golf in the summer heat doesn’t appeal, think about reducing your game to half. Sign up for 9 holes instead of your usual 18, an option offered by many golf courses on the Costa del Sol.
Did you know? You can play a 9-hole round at Río Real Golf. Check out availability via our exclusive dynamic prices system now. 

Don’t walk, ride

You might fancy the exercise, but walking the entire course in the summer heat can be exhausting. Save yourself the effort and book a buggy when you play. Keep an eye out for special green fee deals that include a buggy in the price.

Dress for the occasion

Loose, light-coloured clothing will help you keep cool out on the course in the heat. Choose garments made with breathable fabric for extra comfort.

Pack a brolly

To help ward off the strongest sun – you’ll be surprised how much cooler it is under the umbrella. And you might need it for the rain – the odd thunderstorm does happen in August so it’ll keep you dry while you play golf in Marbella this summer.

Stay and play

And make the absolute most of your golf in Marbella, why stay on the course itself? This gives you easy access to as many rounds of golf as you like and at the best prices too.
Did you know? Río Real Golf & Hotel has exclusive Stay & Play packages that allow you to enjoy boutique hotel accommodation (all rooms have direct views of the golf course) and get in some of your favourite sport at the same time. Book yours now.

CAMPO rio real covid


As several countries including Spain start to relax their stay at home rules, some semblance of life as we knew it returns. This includes golf and in some parts of Spain, courses are now permitted to open again. Golfers everywhere has welcomed the reopening and rightly so because golf has so many advantages in these challenging covid-19 times.

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As we are well aware, the coronavirus has now spread worldwide with all but a handful of countries affected. Obviously, many people are worried, particularly those with travel plans. At Rio Real we fully understand your concerns and in this article, Coronavirus - a guide for golfers on the Costa del Sol,  we'd like to offer some facts and suggest that golf is one of the best activities in the current situation. 

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The road to one of the world’s most prestigious tournaments for women golfers began in mid-February with the first leg of the Race to Costa del Sol in Australia. The year of events on the Ladies European Tour (LET) travels through Oceania, Asia, Africa and Europe before it reaches its final on the Costa del Sol at the end of November.